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Cash Register Log The powerful, easy and affordable sales tracking software engineered to quickly help you balance your Cash Registers at the end of the day.

Cash Register Log

Cash Register Log is a complete POS Cash Register tracking software package for Windows that will help you with your end of day Cash Register Balance.


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Cash Register Log
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Cash Register Log will help you increase profits and reduce missing money

Whether you own a single store or many ... at the end of the day reconciling the actual cash with the cash register balances is a major chore. Counting the money and keeping track of it all on paper or a spread sheet is very error prone. When money is missing it's difficult to figure out where it went and which Cashier was working at that time. Using our software will simplify and automate this process. When a cashier closes the till instead of filling out a paper form, they can now use our software to enter this information and store it permanently. They themselves will need to reconcile the cash register reading and the actual cash, and if money is missing they will need to account for it. This not only should you make the Managers job easier, but also allow you to keep track of which cashiers loose money. And when you count the cash at the end of the day, it will not be a guessing game. Cash Register Log can print out a balance report for each cash register and each cashier you own.

POS Cash Register - Track, Log and Calculate
POS Cash Register Box Properly monitoring and tracking your daily Cash Register Balance can lead to more profits. POS Cash Register makes it easier for you record and analyze your daily store profits.

Easy Data Entry
Cash Register Log will run on a standard windows PC, including PC Cash Registers. When a Cashier Logs out, they will count and enter the cash balance. They can easily print or email you the Cash Register Balance with one click. The data is stored in the program and you can generate reports for each store or cashier.

Cash Register Log allows you to track each cashier individually. This makes balancing the cash register a breeze. You can quickly generate store and cashier level reports.

All Cash Register Balances are quick to find. Select a date and the program will show you all the cashiers working that day, and what the balance was.

Easy Printing
Cash Register Log was designed to run on any PC based Cash Register, the Balance can be printed on the receipt printer. The printed receipt easily fits in your hand, or pocket.

Opening Balance
Cash Register Log was designed to auto fill in the daily opening balance on a Cash Register. Each Cash Register can have a different opening balance.

Paid Out Cash
Sometimes Cash needs to be paid out of the cash register. The program allows you to track all register transactions. The program then automatically calculates total sales and net sales for each store. Detailed reports are generated in html format, which can then be printed.

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